Public Art


Public Art Commission

SugarHouse Casino, Philadelphia, Installation Early 2016


A permanent installation designed by Lyn Godley and commissioned by SugarHouse Casino, set along Philadelphia’s riverside. The project, composed of 171 dichroic panels and programmable lighting, will cover the facade of the new 7-story garage spanning almost 300 ft. in length.




Public Art Commission

Goggleworks Center for the Arts



The GoggleWorks’ “Thought Process” proposal and installation was a major collaboration between lighting designer Lyn Godley, the Goggleworks Center for the Arts, ”Our City Reading”, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union, and Kutztown University. 7100 programmable LEDs continuously “draw” across the facade of the historic building. Working with Colorkinetics technology, Godley designed, programmed and oversaw the installation of the artwork. Designed originally as a canvas to teach from, the programmable lights can be used to design new light shows as a means of expressing the creativity that takes place behind the warehouse’s facade. Godley addressed each of the 7100 LEDs and designed the light shows, then worked with Kutztown University students mapping them out on the windows across the facade. Installation of the lights and hardware was done by the local IBEW. The project was funded by Albert Boscov + “Our City Reading”, it came in on time and below budget.




Public Art Proposal, Finalist

Philadelphia Family Court


Chosen as a finalist for the Public Art for the new Family Court Building on Arch and 15th Street in downtown Philadelphia, my concept was based on the dream of freedom upon which Philadelphia and the US Judicial system is founded, with imagery that represents this concept. Using a variety of light sources, from reflective dichroic films to fiber optics, this piece would “illuminate” both day and night. All materials, from digitally printed vinyl wall coverings, laser cut acrylic birds, to low voltage solid state technology, are long-lasting, easy to maintain, resistant to UV fading, and have little environmental impact.


Promise Illuminated

Public Art Proposal

The Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts


Working in collaboration with LVCHSA CEO, Diane LaBelle, and Media Tech faculty, Godley is developing a digital “canvas’ that will wrap across the south and east facade of the newly built Charter High School and act as an active portfolio of the talent within the walls of this school for the arts.


Da Vinci

Public Art Proposal

The Da Vinci Science Center, Cedar Crest College, Allentown, PA


Prompted to create signage for a focal building on the Cedar Crest College campus in Allentown, PA, Godley chose to take inspiration from 3M’s scientific research into the structural colors of the Blue Morpho butterfly. Hanging tubes wrapped in dichroic film and lit with LEDs will change color as your viewing angle changes and will at a particular point line up to create signage for the Da Vinci Science Center as it spells out “Da Vinci” in lines of color.  When not viewed as text, the tubes become a sculptural light exhibit.




Public Art Proposal

Franco Building Foyer, Penn State Berks Campus


The concept for the Public Art Proposal, ‘COME IN’, was to bring the outside into the interior space. The Franco Building on Penn State – Berks campus has a foyer which is a glass box, creating the illusion of having interaction with the outside. The layering of space and sky explore our physical and perceptual environment, both actual and perceived.


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