During Godley’s InFlight exhibition in Cologne, it was discovered that these light installations had an unexpected effect on the viewers. Throughout the month long exhibit, people would come into the gallery and stay for hours. They didn’t want to talk to the curator, or hear about the artist, they just wanted to sit and look. Many returned multiple times to the exhibit, again quietly just “being” with the light installations.


This is not a typical reaction to artwork. Godley spent the next two years researching evidence to support the findings of this calming effect her work had on viewers. The answers were found in a combination of the imagery and the wavelength of light used in the work. To read more into the exploration of these fascinating results that has continued to fuel Godley’s work with fiber optics, please click here for our research.


All of the following works are composed of charcoal or pastel on digital prints, threaded with hundreds of fiber optics to create drawings with illuminated pixelation.  The directional nature of the fibers create a shift in the intensity of the illumination as the viewer moves across the image. All fiber optics are lit with LEDs and powered by 9 volt adapters.